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Adventure Kinderland Academy

 License # 073408882

Kids Gardening

We offer several thoughtful programs designed to encourage creativity, while providing routine and structure. Physical activity and development of motor skills play a key role via our indoor and outdoor play facilities. 

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Indoor - Outdoor Facility

We boast a multi faceted indoor playground structure.  Outside we have a running/riding track, a gardening area and a small village of "tiny town'" playhouses.  Our classrooms are  day lighted, decorated to be thought and creativity provoking.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is available through application only.

Yearly Schedule

School is in session 12 months a year. Our winter and spring break periods mirror the Berkeley School District.

Extended Day

we can provide extended care from 7:00am to 10pm.

Daily Schedule

Our Pre-school hours are from 7am to 6pm and our extended hours for daily drop off care is 10:00 pm Monday through Friday.  

Program Ratios

Our pre school program has 2 classrooms with a ratio of 1:8. Our extended day program, with 3 classroom spaces, has a ratio of 1:8

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