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 I want to say ‘Hi’ and how excited I am about meeting you and your children.  What a great opportunity to work with you in leading your children to being happy and having lots of fun here at Adventure Kinderland!! I want to share a little about me so when we meet we will not feel like strangers – but already be connected with each other.


I’ve worked with children since 1998 and I absolutely love working with kids. I’ve been a director for the last five years of my career. I spent a lot of time over the years going to school so I could learn about children. I have over 67 units in early childhood education including infants and toddlers units.  I am Certified as a Site Supervisor for Preschools.  I have supervised centers with upwards of 90 students, I worked as a teacher, infant teacher, cook, school van driver and I have worked with Federal, State and County programs.  As you can see, I enjoy serving in any capacity God calls me to.  


I believe that providing excellent customer service to you is vital – we are a team. I look forward to seeing you very soon and getting to know you.  I have an eight year old daughter and know how we need each other to raise the little ones.  I want you to know that I always have an open door and welcome your input and wisdom.  



Danyel J Cheathon

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